Position Union Organizer
Species Zhadi
Class Paladin
Affiliations Empire State Coal Miner's Union #001
Height 6'10"
Weight 262

Aliases Unknown

His Zhadi family came from Australia just before the Great War due to the booming war economy, settling in Pittsburgh.  When the US tore itself to pieces the family was left destitute and resorts to coal mining in the central part of the newly-formed Empire State.  The coal barons, however, treat their miners with disdain; conditions in the mines are extremely unsafe and the miners work very long hours for very little pay. This persisted for a generation or two until Vithoth tried to unionize the miners.  One thing led to another, resulting in a riot as the coal barons used lethal force to "disperse" the striking workers.  In the tumult, beaten half to death, Vithoth had a vision of Lady Liberty herself, the statue and ideal that had welcomed his grandparents to this land.  The vison filled him with the strength to rally the miners and repel the barons' forces, transforming and exaggerating his saurian ancestry.  Though now contract negotiations are a real possibility, Vithoth knows now that he must forsake his family and coworkers to carry that ideal to the rest of this sundered country.

Vithoth stands an imposing 6ft 10in, weighs 262 lbs, and is a solid mass of muscle.  Part of that is his years of hard labor as a coal miner, and part is the strength granted him by his inspiration and transformation.  Though he still resembles his saurian Zhadi relatives, his features have been exaggerated and transformed - Vithoth's body is covered in heavy, plate-like scales of midnight blue, a quartet of back-curving horns curl from his head, strong, dark claws tip his fingers, and, perhaps most strikingly, he bears a pair of great, leathery wings on his back.

Vithoth prefers casual-but-durable street-clothes, as he was accustomed to before his calling: denim jeans, leather work-boots, and cotton shirts.  His signature garment is a heavy cotton jacket, originally navy blue but now stained much darker with coal dust.  The right shoulder bears the insignia of the Empire State Coal Miners' Union #001.