Perhaps the least academic of all the tactician schools (though of course, such a judgment is relative), the Sentinels were founded with a clear singular purpose: the hunting and destruction of monsters. The organization is focused on the destruction of threats to humanoid races from outside sources, fighting chimaeras, dusks, yokai, and any other beast or creature that threatens the safety of humanoids. When facing veiled threats such as werewolves or secretive vampires, some members have been known to be zealous in their hunt to the point of destroying the "infected" town altogether. That said, sentinels as a whole do not tend to respond to wars or other abuses involving only humanoids, unless a monstrous force becomes a part of the overall threat (such as an elf sorcerer summoning demons to harm his foes).


The Followers of Narasimha originated in Ancient India, the exact date being lost to history. Named for the avatar of Vishnu also known as the Great Protector, the group was originally focused on battling the rakshasa which plagued that area of the world. Despite the difficult task before them, they learned to study their foes' magic and use it for humanity's defense. This eventually developed into a general commitment to battling inhuman monsters in the dark and wild places of the world, and the religious element was de-emphasized as the Sentinels spread to other lands (and, sometimes, absorbed local groups with similar goals into itself).


Unlike most of the Tactician schools of the world, the Sentinels gladly welcome non-spellcasting members who are devoted to fighting monsters. Primarily made up of people with nothing more than anger at the loss of a loved one and a gun in their hand, the more capable members are often paladins.


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Relations with Other TraditionsEdit

The Sentinels' mission leads them to be largely neutral towards other magical schools. The group prefers to focus on the battle against creatures which lurk in the night rather than discussion of magical theory or squabbling over territory. That said, Sentinels have always approached the Collegium with an automatic wariness, and this attitude has grown more openly hostile after the Collegium's involvement in Russia. They have been known to cooperate with Suukya' Taawa when the two groups' goals align, but Suukya' Taawa largely focuses on the evils humans inflict on each other (and indeed, is sometimes suspicious of the ability of Sentinel zealots to inflict such evil). At times, Sentinels have expressed a certain weariness with cleaning up after the Banisterites' messes after yet another ancient seal holding back unspeakable evil was broken, although this has not translated into any larger negative relationship between the organizations. Qigong trainers have been hired on a few occasions to improve the Sentinels' overall combat ability, and the students of these workshops have often gone on to some of the organization's greatest victories.