Position Composer
Species Human
Age 63 years

Aliases Unknown

Sergei (Sehrg for his non-Russian friends), great composer and supernal pianist. His music is powerful enough to (a) follow him around, being played by muse-spirits, with no corporeal instruments at work; (b) strike his foes with tangible sonic damge; (c) inspire mighty morale effects in his friends and foes.

Still passionately loyal to Russia, though he despises both the Soviet and Rasputinski regimes. Forced to emigrate due to the Oktyabrskaya Revolution, initially to Scandinavia, he moved to the USA and then (when it crumbled in 1929-30) to Brazil in search of more lucrative musical careers to pay his family debts. However, while he appreciates the liberties provided by Brazilian values, he still prefers above all his summer villa in the Swiss alps. Thus, he has started to be wary of the political situation brewing in Germany.

Rachmaninov has a happy, healthy wife and two daughters in Brazil. Though he is 63 years old, his Russian-bred obstinacy and courage and his long, nimble fingers make him a capable action hero. If a bit pessimistic.