In every place and every time, there has been a place for canny warriors. Whether nimble swordsmen who cut and weave their way through a battlefield, cunning trappers outmaneuvering their foes, or dedicated snipers who can drop a target before it knows it's in danger, every ranger is first and foremost a student of war. The style of the ranger often appeals to those who know that battle is more about intelligence-gathering and careful tactical decisions than raw power or durability. To paraphrase Sun Tzu, many rangers prefer to seek battle only after the victory has been won.

That said, of course, it is a large world, and soldiers are no less diverse than any other group.



In terms of skills, rangers have a wide variety of options. Their ability scores make knowledge skills a solid option, with Geography, Medicine, and Nature all obvious choices. Acrobatics and Stealth are also excellent fits, as is Ride for a touch of extra mobility. Vigor and Athletics are natural picks for any combatant, really, and Perception works exceptionally well with Reign of Arrows.


Unsurprisingly, elves take naturally to the way of the ranger, with Sanctury elves particularly often multiclassing with Dervish. Dwarves tend to find themselves more drawn to barbarian or fighter, although keen dwarves skilled in moving through mountains and caves do take up the path occasionally. Gnome rangers find themselves with no particular advantages or disadvantages, although paladin and Shining Sun fighter might be more natural fits. Epesi and humans both take well to ranger training, whether as "primitive" figures accustomed with nature or as highly trained covert operatives of various military and paramilitary organizations.