Artist: Christina Nawrocki

Masters of the magic of affliction, death, and fear, necromancers are feared and often reviled around the world. While their abilities can certainly make them a potent threat, those few sympathetic to necromancers point out that society should not blame someone for powers they did not choose to possess. All evidence thus far is that the art of the necromancer cannot be learned by any who were not born with the knack.

Gift or Curse?Edit

Certain areas of the world – unconsecrated graveyards, old battlefields, sites of massacres – remain tainted with magic that can be described as unpleasant, at best. Generations may pass, cities may be built over them, but something sticks to the land. Children born in these areas, or even children born after a pregnant mother traveled through them, sometimes inherit the powers of a necromancer.

The CaretakersEdit

Of course, this inborn power can lead to a certain belief in one's own greatness, but other necromancers see their power as a gift which requires them to use it for the protection of others. A specific sect, known as the Caretakers, often take positions at especially important graveyards to prevent any desecration of the bodies there.