Navajo Territory

Tribal council


Parts of Arizona and New Mexico

Ceded by Arixo over a series of negotiations, but fully established by 1932, Navajo Territory is one of the most isolationist countries in North America. While largely controlled by the Navajo, many other tribes reside within the territory, including the Hopi.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Their independence from Arixo means that Navajo Territory's predominant neighbor does not assist in any internal policing of pirates and smugglers, though the two do often cooperate in the border region. While initially friendly, this cooperation has begun to break down in the face of more powerful gangs, and it is unclear if the positive relationship these countries share will continue. Deseret to the north is largely occupied with other concerns, and while the Navajo are frustrated with Free Colorado's liquor smugglers, little formal action has (or could, really) been taken about it. Otherwise, the Navajo enjoy largely friendly relationships with Lakota Territory and Five Tribes Territory, though these friendships are more diplomatic than military or commercial.

Magic and DemographicsEdit

Suukya' Taawa remains a dominant presence in the land where it was founded, with shamans and tacticians both (relatively) prevalent. Fire elementalists are also known from the American Southwest in general, but a bit more frequently in the larger context of Native American traditions. Demographically, many citizens of Navajo Territory have never seen an elf, dwarf, or gnome, as non-Native citizens largely peacefully emigrated during the process of its creation.