Nation of Hollywood




Los Angeles

Hollywood was the third country to break away from the US government, following Texas and the Empire State. Nominally led by the photogenic president David Dunbar, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences film studio cartel largely controls the country in actuality. Recently, however, the National Actors' Guild is beginning to challenge that power - especially problematic for some given the Guild's ties to the communist People's Collective.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Hollywood is in an ongoing battle with Pacifica to the north over both the land that used to be Northern California and dominance of trans-Pacific trade. While there have been violent skirmishes, it has yet to devolve into a full-on war. Its cultural rivalry with the Empire State, with both claiming to be the center of American culture, has nearly led to a shooting war as well. Hollywood also struggles with pirate groups based off the coast. What the relationship between the Actors' Guild and the People's Collective means for both countries is, as of yet, unclear.

Magic and DemographicsEdit

Magically, Qigong has a presence in Hollywood via Chinese immigrants, though it has yet to become very popular among the Americans. Suukya' Taawa is also active in the area, of course. LA has a decently-sized undead district, though it is clear that the AMPAS isn't really quite sure how to best utilize undead actors yet. The population of Hollywood is primarily human and epesi, though some dwarves are settling in the Sierra Nevada. A smattering of elves and gnomes are spread throughout the state, both integrated into the larger population rather than maintaining their own communities.