Position Gangster
Species Elf

Aliases Unknown

The third generation son of an integrated elf family, John Herbert Dillinger grew up in Indianapolis. In trouble with the law from early in his youth, Dillinger was sent to prison in 1924, but was released on parole in 1930 (along with many other criminals) during the hectic restructuring of the country. With jurisdictions and responsibilities of various law enforcement agencies unclear, it took little for Dillinger to escape to Appalachia until he had been forgotten about. Returning to his old stomping grounds in 1931, Dillinger has spent the last five years perpetrating a lengthy string of high-profile bank robberies around the ISA, seemingly retreating out of the country whenever the authorities get too close. The fact that he seems to have turned foiling the Pinkertons into a game has endeared him to many labor organizers.