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French Louisiana split off with the rest of Dixie, and then split again two years later - a combination of the wettest of wet alcohol laws, a strong Catholic presence, and cultural ties to France ultimately made the marriage unsustainable. Despite control over the end of the Mississippi river, Louisiana's economy is weak, its reliance on trade undercut by the unfriendly nations surrounding it. Alcohol trade, legal and illegal, largely sustains the small country, along with agriculture, salt exports, and fishing.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Louisiana's strongest ties by far are with the motherland in Europe, and indeed, some observers wonder if it will be a protectorate soon enough. The French Foreign Legion is the only thing still diverting Texas from a direct assault, and it is unclear if it will continue to be enough. The states of Dixie tend to treat Louisiana with a distant politeness - they can hardly attack its decision to leave a group of strong states' rightists, but that doesn't mean they have to be happy about it.

Magic and DemographicsEdit

Louisiana has bred a strange mix of European Catholicism and Afro-Caribbean religions, with magical practitioners existing all along the spectrum. Shamans are most common by far (though someone without the proper training would be hard-pressed to identify commonalities between many of them), and Suukya' Taawa tacticians from Native American and African-American populations are certainly also present. Indeed, the deeply entrenched magical traditions of Louisiana are one of the larger hurdles to developing a more formal relationship with France. Much like Florida, darker things stalk the swamps, although the Sentinels seem to have chosen to largely avoid this area - perhaps they feel stretched thin as it is, or perhaps they are simply afraid of stepping on any toes in an already seemingly saturated region.

Like Dixie, Louisiana is largely human and epesi, with a noticeable minority of gnomes.