Waves of fire, blasts of icy cold, crackling bolts of electricity - elementalist magic is diverse, but never subtle. Less common than tacticians or shamans (although certainly sometimes combined with such magic), its practitioners wield raw power to a degree few can rival. While its practice is founded upon arcane principles, elementalists seem to be as much born as taught, with some sort of internal drive or talent that marks one for the path often noticeable at an early age.


Elementalists operate through sympathetic magic, manipulating their element through a small personal item they have forged a bond with - a charm, a knack, a token, such objects go by many names. A bit of the elementalist's self resides in their talisman, and the choice of talisman is a deeply personal decision. Talismans need not have a literal connection to the element at hand, many are more symbolic - for example, a fire elementalist may carry a vial of desert sand, a ruby, or an engraved lighter.

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