Mysterious. Dangerous. Never possible to entirely forget, yet rarely immediately present. Magic infuses the world, coursing through mortals, beasts and monsters, and the very waters and stones themselves. Despite this, the average mortal will live their entire life without interacting with magic directly, and as many "mystical charms" are superstitious fakes as not. Magic comes in many different forms in the world, and in today's era of constant groundbreaking, it would surprise few if there were new types yet to be discovered (or invented).

Attitudes Towards MagicEdit

With very few exceptions, magic is feared, then respected, in that order, and almost never loved. Even though the majority of the world's practitioners are relatively weak, to a mortal even the slightest of magical ability hints at the potential for unknowable power. Of course, to a degree, that attitude is actively cultivated by certain magical groups to increase their own power. That said, this has not always worked to the favor of magic-users: witch-hunts aside, magic is often blamed for "natural" disasters, and it is hard for any to truly say which earthquakes, wildfires, and tsunamsi have been mere accidents, and which have had the supernatural behind them.

Savok, the native tactician tradition of Vasugu, is a stark exception to this generalization. An academic discipline strongly encouraged by the state, its practitioners are considered among the most loyal and celebrated of the nation's heroes, and many view Savok's abilities of transmutation as symbolically linked to acts of creation by the gods.

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