Isolationist and loosely organized, Bizu gives birth to zhadi with a fierce sense of self-reliance and the skills to back it up. Its small towns primarily sustain themselves by fishing and herding, though they do possess both iron and oil resources as well. Thus far, the Bizhadi have lacked the infrastructure to exploit the latter.

Political StructureEdit

There is little overarching government in Bizu, and most towns are self-governing with a handful of mutual defense pacts with their neighbors. Occasionally, these defense pacts will tighten their bonds to form a small confederation, but even these associations govern with a very light hand. Each town generally has a Judge selected by the community with relatively broad authority to arbitrate any disputes. The Judge can be of any age or profession so long as their wisdom is respected by their peers, though unsurprisingly, imams are common choices. In the case of disputes between towns, there are generally two possible resolutions. One is violence. The other is a mediation between the town's Judges, along with a Judge from a neutral town to facilitate the talk. In these instances, the Judge does not lay down a ruling or impose punishments, but rather advises the other two on what seems appropriate and just given the circumstances, though the cultural expectation is always that the neutral Judge will aim for the solution that results in the least bloodshed whether or not it is necessarily the most even. Ultimately, any peaceable agreement must be agreed upon by the two Judges representing the towns involved, rather than forced upon them by the neutral Judge.


Toughened by constant defense against the Ragozhadi and ocean-bound raiders, Bizu is a region where every adult learns the basics of holding a spear in military formation and holding ground, regardless of their day-to-day occupation. The experts within these units are amongst the most skilled spear warriors in the world. While firearms are not widespread, trade from Vasugu and the outside world has led to a small tradition of sharpshooters, who are generally tasked with countering Ragosh's mounted gunners as best they can through sneak attacks with superior accuracy and range. 


Along with much of Indonesia, Bizu was converted to Islam by Indian merchants and missionaries between the 11th and 16th centuries. Whatever traditional beliefs existed have been almost entirely forgotten, remaining only in a handful of small superstitions and folktales, and even these have largely been assimilated. Bizu retains friendly ties to the Muslims of India and Indonesia to this day.