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While "rage" implies an undisciplined and frenzied approach to battle, the concept of a warrior entering a particular mental and physical state when great heroism and prowess are needed is in fact much more broad. A barbarian's rage certainly includes such abilities as a Norse berzerk state or a Celtic warp spasm. However, it also could represent a disciplined warrior entering a meditative battle trance, a divinely inspired champion who enters a religious fervor when defending his or her faith, or even a stubborn scrapper who simply digs in and refuses to give up. Thus, "barbarians" may be found in any culture or region, though certainly those areas where armed conflict still rules the day produce a disproportonate number of the world's total.


Unsurprisingly, zhadi with exceptional ability often become barbarians, particularly in Ragosh, Bizu, and Fif Zasho. Dwarves can take well to the role depending on where they originated, and many dwarven barbarians come from the Alps, Carpathians, Hindu Kush, Pamirs, and Scandes. (For that matter, many human barbarians originate in the same regions). Epesi have no particular tendency towards or away from the class, except perhaps that the rogue and ranger classes are a more natural fit for those halflings interested in martial prowess. Elven barbarians almost exclusively utilize the Path of the Dervish, and even then, their low constitution makes it an unusual choice. That said, the Dervish fighting style is likely to have originated amongst the elves, and most historians agree that other races only learned it through elven mentors or observation and imitation of elven foes. (Even so, elven rangers utilizing Dervish/Iron Magi/Battle's Tempering are more common practitioners of the style). While gnome barbarians are not terribly common, they are known to be incredibly tenacious when they do arise. Almost all gnome barbarians serve their communities as the first line of defense, and often, no other warriors are needed. Some gnomes multiclass into the paladin's Smiting track to take advantage of their high charisma and mitigate the disadvantages of their low strength.