Position Gangster
Species Gnome

Aliases Unknown

Something... snapped in George Nelson, although no one can exactly say what. The typical gnomish sense of community and common welfare was not only absent in young George, they seemed to have been inverted into a general antipathy for the wellbeing of others, even from a young age. Beginning with theft from his workplace, he and his gang graduated to breaking and entering, and finally joined the ranks of bank robbers in 1932. While many of his fellows are viewed as noble Robin Hood figures, Nelson is far too violent to achieve such a status - not only has he inititated gunfights with law enforcement on several occasions where they may have been avoided, he has been known to indiscriminately fire at innocent bystanders as well. Nelson is primarily active in the ISA, and there are rumors of a partnership with John Dillinger in the last year or two, although Baby Face has been tied to at least one bank robbery in Texas as well.