Atlantic Coalition

Elected General Assembly


Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island





Alongside the Maritime Provinces, a second state was carved out of former New England, the so-called Atlantic Coalition. Reluctant to join any of their more powerful neighbors, but equally hesitant to actually work together, calling the Coalition a "state" is perhaps a bit generous. In effect, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island have a mutual defense pact, though the elected general assembly has no real power, and there is no overarching state militia. Instead, various smaller groups organized city by city are relied upon for defense. That said, these groups were able to repel forces from both the Empire State and the Maritime Provinces, and it would be foolish to underestimate them. Like the Provinces to the north, the Coalition has a surplus of oceanborne vessels, and a large number of cargo zeppelins as well. Unlike the hub-and-spoke systems of most countries, these ships run direct flights to the major cities of Europe, saving significantly on time at slightly higher expense.

Foreign RelationsEdit

The Empire State and the Maritime Provinces have both cooled any direct assaults on the Coalition, but attempts at absorption remain a constant threat. In general, the Coalition is isolationist in regards to the rest of the former American states, more interested in increased ties with its trading partners in Europe.

Magic and DemographicsEdit

Due to Boston's reputation as an old university town, the Collegium and al Mushtamir both have representatives visiting its campuses, always on the look-out for promising students. The general urbanized nature of the area leads to a moderate level of racial diversity, though humans and epesi dominate by any measure.